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The National Apprenticeship and Training Advisory Committee (N.A.T.A.C.) was established as a standing committee of the Canada Conference - the predecessor of the Canada Council in September of 1994. N.A.T.A.C. is active in lobbying both the Federal and Provincial Governments on the issues of adequate public funding for training, establishing national standards in training and curriculum development, compulsory certification and promoting a skilled workforce to meet the needs of the construction industry in Canada.

N.A.T.A.C. represents several associated trades such as Carpenters, Millwrights, Floorlayers, Interior Systems Mechanics (Drywall and Acoustic Ceilings Installers), Pile Drivers and Commercial Divers.

N.A.T.A.C. continues to be involved in the annual Canadian National Apprenticeship Contest, National Sectoral Adjustment Committees, National Occupational Analysis, Interprovincial Exam Development Bank, and Common Core Curriculum Development. N.A.T.A.C. has also led the way in examining issues concerning a National Scaffolding Program. This site is dedicated to furthering the goals of promoting The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.